Kyle Stannert, Deputy City Manager, City of Fort Collins, CO


  • Develop an understanding of what leadership philosophy is and how it applies to leadership at all levels
  • Examine the paradigm shift that must occur in our beliefs about the nature of people and their attitudes toward work, the primary sources of motivation, the distribution of knowledge and creativity in the organization, how decisions are made, and how work is divided and jobs are designed
  • Develop a set of personal core values that help guide who you are as a public servant
  • Map organizational Mission / Vision / Values to develop an organization-level leadership philosophy
  • Use the teachable point of view concept to articulate the leadership philosophy to teams as a way of operationalizing values and articulating expectations


Leadership philosophy can be explained as a leader’s belief about the nature and motivation of people. Creating your own leadership philosophy is a tool that can be used to impact how work is done.