Felicia Logan, FEI and UVA Adjunct Faculty and Practitioner Donna Krauss, Deputy County Administrator, County of Stafford


  • Focus on the “work of leadership”
  • Explore Covey’s quadrant 2 (Q2) and its use in leadership work
  • Discover Stafford’s implementation of Q2 leadership to increase employee engagement and to redesign the County’s values
  • Create your plan to establish Q2 time and to undertake the personal, professional, organizational and community leadership work that needs to be done


The “work of leadership” is the quadrant 2 (Q2 Covey) work that is important and not urgent.  This is an area of strategic focus that creates long-term success in organizations. Learn more about your “work of leadership” through a case study from Stafford, VA and creating your own plan for using Q2 time effectively.